Rules on Board

To be able to enjoy a nice holiday Captain Cook uses a number of rules for life on board. All occupants should apply to these
1. The instructions of the skipper have to be followed at all times;
2. The safety rules will be spoken with the guests when they arrive on board. You must apply to these rules during your trip
with Captain Cook. Guests are jointly responsible for each other’s safety;
3. Lifejackets for all guests are on board. These are worn by the guests for everyone’s safety as directed by the skipper;
4. Ensure good antiskid shoes; shoes with stiletto heels are not permitted on board;
5. On a ship, water is a scarce resource. Especially in the areas where we will anchor a lot and there is no fresh water
available. Guests should take into account its use (showering, etc.), so that everyone can enjoy it;
6. The ship has a limited living space than you are used to at home. Guests should take into account each other’s need for
7. Cases with a hard shell are not allowed on board. Provide easily foldable bags. Guests should take into account the
limited storage space on board, your comfort in your cabin will be limited if you take too much luggage;
8. Guest cabins should be accessible to the crew in case of service activities;
9. The use of alcohol is not permitted during sailing;
10. Captain Cook offers, depending of the type of your agreement, full service on board. Not to be confused with unlimited
intake. There is provision in light alcoholic beverages, including beer and wine. Supply of liquor may be possible. The
skipper is allowed put restrictions on the level of alcohol consumption because of safety reasons;
11. If you are under medical treatment or other medical indications, you must give information about your special needs in
advance in the travel agreement form. You should take all the necessary steps to have a pleasant and safe stay on board so
that other guests are not inconvenienced or put into danger;
12. Smoking is not permitted inside the ship. Outside, in consultation with the skipper.
Failure to observe any of these rules, the captain is authorized to terminate the services provided to the appropriate.

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