The Hotel

“Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden is an eclectic and historical hotel with a special focus on art, architecture and design. It occupies a singular building in the cultural La Lonja district in Palma de Mallorca, and is home to the largest private garden in the city centre.

This revived part of Mallorca’s cultural fabric is a 5-star superior hotel set in a timeless building that was originally built in medieval times. Adorned with gothic relics, marble tiling, baroque mirrors and velvet curtains, the hotel is also firmly connected to the present through tasteful contemporary and modern design.“

The Garden

“Can Bordoy jealously guards an exuberant surprise; the largest private garden in Palma’s old quarter.

The secret garden has over 70 plant species, with a diverse array of Wild-Olive, Jacaranda and fruit trees flourishing in this centuries-old hidden sanctuary of more than 750 m2.”

The Suites

Deluxe Suite, Junior Suite, Premium Suite, Grand Suite.


“Our restaurant proudly features Mediterranean island cooking; blending traditional Mallorcan roots with select international touches. We understand that our cuisine is a window into the island, reflecting its seasons, cultures and traditions, meaning those who eat our tables leave them enriched and with a greater sense of place and belonging.“

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Carmen Ekvall

Can Bordoy


Son Campaner

LTG Award Winner

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